My Review

As you may think, “Wuxia concept” (I mean heroism) hasn’t invented by China, or only covers to China, of course. Heroism and righteousness are universal and can be seen anywhere in the world. But compared to other cultures, Chinese Culture made this concept relatively more in-depth and systematic. Therefore, in these topics, while I metion about the chivalry, heroism and righteousness, all together, I use Wuxia term in short-cut, which is systematized and presented by China.

In fact, this manner is similar as to use western note system to compose a music. Very long before western culture developed the note system and music terms, the music had been already done, composed and played in the all around world. But, although the west didn’t invent the music, they made it systematized, and so today we use the western order and the terms while composing the music. Similarly, Chine didn’t invent the chivalry + heroism  + righteousness, but they made it systematized more fancy, flashy and aesthetically. (Also like martial arts ^_^)

In here, I’d like to share my personal thought about Wuxia litrature and some codes of heros, arts and philosophy. Please see the titles …. (other links will ve activated later.)



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