Bu blogda sadece bana ilginç gelen bilimum ızvır zıvırı paylaşıyorum. Kısacası kişisel bir magazin işte. İyi eğlenceler ! ………………….. Filmler, oyunlar ve daha nice ilginçlikler !



This is a blog that I just share somethings interesting for me. It’s some kind of personal magazin. Have fun ! ……………………………….. Movies, games, interesting stuff … etc

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Renkli,
    Is it possible to PM you? I’m also an appreciator of Wuxia movies.

    • It’s not about whether being careful or not. It’s about youtube’s unfair and ridiculous administrations about copyright execution and fallacy.
      They have really no logic all these activities they do for so-called copyright stuff.
      If youtube don’t have so wide video data-base and plus caption subtitles options, I would already go away this bullshit…
      Anyway, I still have many channels somehow, and I’ll upload there … I already uploaded about half of them… just click my movie review pages in A-Z movies or go smpisces…

      • Honestly, I swear Youtube is on a power trip sometimes, but there are other ways to do things. Keep up the good work! :)

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