In here, I am sharing some of my researches about celestial mechanics and capture dynamics. Rather than 2-body problem, I am mainly focus on chaotic motions in many body problem and capture problem in Circular Restrcited 3-Body Problem (CR3BP). In the chaos of multi-body dynamics, I design and plot some motions and trajectory maps in order to determine useful and advetageous orbits; that so I present some mapping methods that makes the studies in this branch more comprehensively. I’ll sometimes update the pages and add new information in this reserach section, time to times. So keep your eye on. I hope, you may find useful …. ^_^………  The content now includes that ….

* Türkçe’si İçin;

* Abstract of My thesis about this subjest is also given in below. My whole PhD thesis can be either find here or here.

Title; Low-Cost Capture in Multi-Body Dynamics


In the last decades, low-energy transfers and capture problem have been studied extensively to understand the dynamical structure of complex multi-body problem and make the space missions much cheaper. Specially in this area, dynamical features of Circular Restricted 3-Body Problem (CR3BP), which is perfectly fitted the many binary systems in our solar system, is used to determine advantageous and promising low-cost transfer trajectories. However, the capture concept around smaller body, which is highly influenced by gravity force of bigger body in CR3BP, is still being one of the most challenging problems, because of highly chaotic dynamical nature around there. Previously, studies of capture problem have been done using some mapping method to see the dynamical insight of chaos in there. Although these type of mapping methods can be only adequate to visualization of planar solution space and provide restricted dynamical insight of planar-capture, they complicates the visualization of the 3-Dimension solution space, and for this reason, general capture dynamics cannot be comprehended well. However, in this research, another map method, which reduces the order of 3-dimension CR3BP, condensing quantities of information into a 2-dimensional image, is designed. Thus the 3D capture problem can be visualized well and comprehended successfully. Using this map, any type of low-cost planetary and orbital captures trajectories, including hard and delicate permanent captures, which provide completely zero-cost captures, can be found. So space missions are not only much cheaper, but also can be more flexible and adaptable to any conditions.



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