D. – Chang Cheh

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Chang Cheh (February 10, 1923 — June 22, 2002) was Shaw Brothers Studio’s best known and most prolific film director, with such films as the Five Venoms, the Brave Archer (based on the works of Jin Yong), the The One-Armed Swordsman, and other classics of wuxia and kung fu film.

Chang Cheh was undisputedly a master of action movies. He created his own style of films which are characterized by their robustness and highly original action sequences. In 1965 Shaw Brothers promoted coloured films with great efforts and action films became one of the focuses of Shaw’s productions. At that time, Chang came out with The One-armed Swordsman which made a record one million dollars at the box office. With that film Chang established himself as the leading director of costumed action movies.

One of his routines is that he generally worked with same actors, time to time. Such as; He made film mostly starring with  Wang Yu between 1966-1969. In 1969- 1974, he generally gave leading roles to Ti lung and David Chiang (with togetter or one by one), and in 1976-1977, with Alexander Fu Sheng. After 1977, he mostly work with  a group of young people Who are called “Venom” and highly talented in acrobatics.

Shorty before his death, Chang received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2002 Hong Kong Film Awards. He will be remembered as the “Godfather” of Hong Kong Action Cinema.

In bellow, I am presenting my favorite movies by Chang Cheh, starring with Wang Yu, Ti lung and David Chiang.

Note; I didn’t add the movies starring with “Venom”, because these movie are already too fameous and uploaded youtube already. Also I wanted to remark early age movies. maybe I will add his Venom age with alternatife subtitles, sooner or later.

Sources; hkmdb, wiki …….

Some views about his movies ;


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