A. – Yueh Hua

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Yueh Hua was born in Shanghai under the name of Liang Le-Hua. After training at the Shanghai Music Institute, he came to Hong Kong in 1962. A year later he entered the Shaw Brothers acting class after a stint with the Nan Guo experimental film group. And in 1966 was contracted with Shaw Brothers at a time when actresses were more popular than actors. Finding work was difficult. Yet Yueh found luck. He was cast opposite the soon to be crowned “Queen of Kung-fu films”, Cheng Pei-pei, in first Princess Iron Fan (1966) then in Come Drink With Me (1966), considered by many to be the precursor for all swordswomen films to come and King Hu’s most influential directed film done at Shaw Brothers. Yueh’s characeter from Come Drink With Me, which is “Drunken Cat” , is still considered classic. Before appearing on camera he would get into character by drinking two bottles of Chinese wine.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s he averaged five films per year and with all the Shaw’s main leading actresses in mostly classic martial art films. He could succesfully play both good and bad cool characters in his movies. If you’re looking for a gracious swordsman whose slight melancholy streak alternates with explosive violence or an honorable knight, this is the man [*].

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Selected movies;

* supporting roles !

Come Drink With Me (1966) - Yueh Hua


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