Capture Problem

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Capture Dynamics and so Problem is the main part of the Low Energy Transfer. Although the Gravity assist and planetary flyby shemes have been already done with using relativly simple two body dynamics (please see), the  capture, especially, low-cost capture problem is quite complicated because of highly chaotic nature of many body dynamics. But using some various and suitable mapping methods, this problem can be solved very practically.

In Low Energy Transfer, there are 2 main type of capture;

Capture problem between IMT can be already solved with using Poincaré section maps, which gives an initial conditions map for low-cost jump from one tube to another. But Capture problem around M2 is much more tough than other. Because M2 is much more smaller than M1 in CR3BP, and the gravitational disturbing effect from M1 to M2 influences the realm of M2 more intensively. To control the trajectories around M2, we may either apply too much energy (which can be too expensive), or we may try to grasp  real dynamics around M2 and apply a tiny energy in a right time and place, which can be quite cheap. And to find these “right time and place” for low cost capture, we may try some other mapping method, similar Poincare.

File:Interplanetary Superhighway.jpg


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  1. Thanks, I have recently been looking for facts about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.

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