PO around Stable EP

* Türkçesi

Stable equilibrium points L4 and L5 have stable periodic and bounded orbits around their vicinity. The reason these points are in balance is that, at L4 and L5, the distances to the two masses are equal. So the gravitational forces from the two massive bodies are in the same ratio as the masses of the two bodies [wiki]

File:InnerSolarSystem-en.pngL4 and L5 are sometimes called triangular Lagrange points or Trojan points. The name Trojan points comes from the Trojan asteroids at the Sun–Jupiter L4 and L5 points, which themselves are named after characters from Homer‘s Iliad (the legendary siege of Troy). Asteroids at the L4 point, which leads Jupiter, are referred to as the “Greek camp“, while those at the L5 point are referred to as the “Trojan camp“. These asteroids are (largely) named after characters from the respective sides of the Trojan War.

As it is seen L4 and L5 equilibrium points can be perfect place for a station keeping mission or parking orbits of spacecraft. Such as, here an example about how a typical periodic orbit in a triagular point of Earth-Moon is look like;


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