Thief Master

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Chu Liuxiang is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel series Chu Liuxiang Series (楚留香系列) by Gu Long. He robs from the rich to help the poor and upholds justice in the jianghu (martial artists’ community). He is nicknamed “Daoshuai” (盜帥; Thief Master) or more popularly, “Xiangshuai” (香帥; Chief Xiang). He is intelligent and observant, kind and compassionate. His name “Liuxiang” literally means “lingering fragrance”.

Chu is a martial arts expert whose prowess in qinggong is unmatched. He wields a fan as his weapon and uses it only for self defence. He relies on his wit, experience and calm to solve several mysteries and overcome several enemies who are more powerful than him. The identity of Chu’s martial arts teacher is unknown, and even the well-informed Shuimu Yinji (水母陰姬) could only deduce that he is a student of Ye Di (夜帝), a character from Daqi Yingxiong Zhuan (大旗英雄傳).

Chu’s age is not specified in the novels, but he is estimated to be around 30 years of age. In Bianfu Chuanqi (蝙蝠傳奇), Chu’s childhood friend Hu Tiehua (胡鐵花) is said to be 33 years old. Chu’s age is assumed to be close to Hu’s.

Chu resides on a boathouse called Xiang Boathouse (香榭), which also functions as his headquarters. Living together with him are three women, who are the closest people to him apart from his best friends Hu Tiehua and Ji Bingyan (姬冰雁). They accompany him together in Tiexue Chuanqi (鐵血傳奇). They come from pitiful backgrounds and have been following Chu on his adventures since they were 11 or 12. The first, Su Rongrong (蘇蓉蓉), is kind and understanding and specialises in the art of disguise. The second, Li Hongxiu (李紅袖), is very clear and alert and has a good memory. The third one, Song Tian’er (宋甜兒), is a good cook and is the most mischievous and adorable of the three. Chu also meets several other beautiful maidens on his adventures, such as Black Pearl (黑珍珠), Shi Xiuyun (石繡雲), Hua Zhenzhen (華真真), Dong Sanniang (東三娘) and Xinyue (新月). He eventually marries Zhang Jiejie (张潔潔), whom he meets in Taohua Chuanqi (桃花傳奇).

Chu has a wide network of friends. They include: Monk Wuhua (無花和尚), who becomes his foe later; Ji Bingyan, who appears cold and indifferent but is actually very warm hearted; Zhongyuan Yidianhong (中原一點紅), a powerful swordsman; Zuo Qinghou (左輕侯), the hospitable master of Zhibei manor; “Swift Net” Zhang San (張三).

There are many Chu Liu Hsiang Movies, but my favorite ones which are 3 well-known movies staring with Ti Lung as Chu Liu Hsiang, and dircected by Chor Yuen. ; Clans of Intrigue (1977)Legend of the Bat (1978)Ghostly Village (1982).



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