Four Eyebrows

The Duel of the Century (1981) - Lau Wing

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Lu Xiaofeng (陸小鳳) is the main character in the late Wuxia novelist Gu Long‘s novel series The Lu Xiaofeng Series (陆小凤系列). He is one of the three main characters of three of Gu Long’s Wuxia novel series, with the other two being Chu Liuxiang (楚留香) and Li Xunhuan (李尋歡).

Personal information; Lu Xiaofeng is perhaps best identified by his trademark ‘Four Eyebrows’ (四條眉毛) to pugilists, as he sported two strands of moustache on his face which are similar to his eyebrows, making him seem as though he had four eyebrows. He is described as being good-looking, making him seem very attractive to many female characters in the novel series. He is an alcoholic who enjoys drinking, as well as being a flirt who toys around with women and visits brothels frequently.

Lu Xiaofeng’s true personality and abilities are actually being hidden behind his image of a flirt and alcoholic. He is extremely intelligent and observant like a fox, although it may not seem obvious, which enables him to solve the several mysteries in the novel series. His wit and cunning had also helped to deliver him from danger, often turning the tables on his enemies unexpectedly when he was apparently on the losing end. Lu Xiaofeng also values friendship and often risks his own life to help his friends when needed.

Martial Arts; Lu Xiaofeng is best known for his ‘Ling Xi Finger’ (靈犀一指), which enables him to catch and hold enemies’ weapons between his fingers. He does not really use any particular weapon and often relies on his fingers to fight enemies, even when he is being surrounded. Lu Xiaofeng is a Qing Gong expert as well, and although Gu Long did not state explicitly Lu Xiaofeng’s Qing Gong capability in comparison with other characters, Lu Xiaofeng is no doubt one of the top ten Qing Gong experts in the novel series.

Lu Xiaofeng (Lau Wing)

Relations; Lu Xiaofeng has a wide network of friends, whom he relies greatly on in helping him solve the mysteries. His friends;

  • Hua Manlou (花滿樓) is one of Lu’s close friends. He lost his sense of sight in his childhood but he has become sharper and more observant towards his surroundings. He is intelligent and understands Lu very well, to the extent that he can even identify Lu by listening to the latter’s footsteps. Lu taught him the Lingxi Finger. He is skilled in martial arts and handles himself well in fights. However he prefers to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner as opposed to using violence.
  • Sikong Zhaixing (司空摘星) is one of Lu’s close friends. He is highly skilled in martial arts and arguably the best qinggong exponent in the series. He specialises in the art of thieving and disguise. He appears at random to help Lu when the latter is troubled.
  • Ximen Chuixue (西門吹雪) is one of Lu’s close friends. Nicknamed “God of Sword” (劍神), he is the best swordsman in the jianghu after triumphing over Ye Gucheng. He marries Sun Xiuqing of the Emei Sect after saving her life. He appears as a cold blooded, unfeeling and ruthless killer. He is willing to help Lu whenever the latter asks for his assistance.
  • Zhu Ting (朱亭) is one of Lu’s friends. He is a master craftsman who is rumoured to have inherited the skills of Lu Ban. It is said that there is no lock in the world that he cannot open.
  • Ye Gucheng (葉孤城), nicknamed “Sword Deity” (劍仙), is the lord of White Cloud City (白雲城) and a powerful swordsman. Like Ximen Chuixue, he appears cold and unfeeling. He challenges Ximen to a duel on the roof of the highest building in the Forbidden City to determine who is the best swordsman in the jianghu. He is eventually defeated and slain by Ximen Chuixue.
  • Taoist Mu (木道人) is one of the elders of the Wudang Sect. He ranks third in the jianghu after Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng in swordplay skills. As one of Lu’s friends, he often helps the latter in troubling situations. However in Youling Shanzhuang, he is revealed to be actually the mysterious villain Laodao Bazi, who has been plotting to dominate the jianghu. He is defeated and killed by Lu and his friends.
  • Truthful Monk (老實和尚) is one of Lu’s friends. Lu often consults him for advice in solving mysteries. He is said to be a very honest person and speaks the truth all the time, as his name implies.
  • Tortoise Master (龜孫大爺) is a mysterious hermit who provides Lu with information in solving mysteries in return for monetary rewards.

There are 2 well-known Lu Xiaofeng movies from Shaw Brothers and one is a remake from others, let’s see;

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The Duel of the Century (1981) - Lu Xiaofeng


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