Notes on Maxim Gorky

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Maxim Gorky, from In the World (В людях), Autobiography Part II, 1916;

“I had two personality; One was became timid because of knowing dirty and disgusting aspects of life quite a bit. This personality who are affected by the terrible events he face every day, was looking to world and people with suspiciously, and mistrustly. He was missing reclusive and quiet life among books. He had dreamed of becoming a monk and staying  a monastery, or being keeper of the forest or watchman of the train. Life away from people was his ideal.

The second  personality, who took heart from sacred spirit of the books which are written honest and wise, saw  the ruthless dominations he faced everyday; he feels how this power could deprive him from his mind very easily; smash his heart with its muddy feet; and with clench his teeth and fist, he defend himself  great meticulously as be ready for all the controversy and fights. This personality loved, sympathized effectively, and with drawing his sword similar like a swordsman in the French novels (or WuXia novels ;) ), he was getting fight position.”

…..Human is not born with rules. She,He become part of rules with evolving in a social environment, integrates with them. Social environment consists of person family, game and school mates, and people she,he connect. This is not enough also. A human being, since from the birth, has impressed and been affected by the objects seen and used, listening to lullabies, tunes, folk tales, legends, reading books and magazines; in short; everything she, he has faced in life affect her, him. Person is stimulated and guided with these psychological terms…..

Gorky  explains why he wrote these hideous events he faced in his life; “Why do I write these disgusting things ? for letting you know, dear gentlemen ! Because what I say, write are not in past (still happenning). You like good concocted horror stories, you get excited with imaginary nice creepy stories. But I know real events; real daily terrible creepy events. Here’s, I have an undeniable right to thrill you uncomfortably with the stories of these events for you rememeber how you live, what you live with.

….. While Gorky were closely studying the lives of Russian peasants, he observed that they are materialistic, pragmatic, conservative, pious, emotional, fatalistic, and people who believe in superstitions (similar as majority of world). He told his dear friend Romans these impressions in the day when they farewelled. Then Romans said;

“Do not rush to judge ! There is no easy thing than judging in the world. Don’t get used to it ! Please remember: anything goes and finishes, everything will change to the better. You say too slowly ? Yes, it is so slowly but profound ! Observe, analyse everyting, be fearless, but please do not rush to judge ! See you again, my dear friend !”

* Citation; (Bilim ve Gelecek) Science and Future magazine, published in April 2012, Notes on Maxim Gorky, Prof. Dr. Altay Gündüz


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  1. You made a few nice points there. I did a search on the matter and found the majority of people will consent with your blog.

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