Super Powers in Wuxia

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As I’ve mentioned previously, and again and again; all skills and abilities in Wuxia litrature (so similarly in other Far-East doctrines) can be gained with hard-working, patienly; included super powers (!!!)…. So, what are these super powers exactly ? …. Actually, they can be any power you can imagine, of course. Or simply, just imagine those X-men powers or superman. But of cource, the style of Wuxia is quite different than western comics.

So, before diving the super power convept in Wuxia litrature, I want to little mention concept of super power improving, which has already existed for about thousands of years in the way of Far Eastern philosophy and thought. Ones, who’s already familiar to any or some Far-East doctrines that, we can bring out and improve our some mysterious potentials with enough and proper meditation and patient. Such as, this is called kundalini in yoga, whose aim to achive passing 8 steps, then reach the highest level of meditation with in a freedom state. While getting these process, it is said that we may arouse some our secret potentials and an evolution energy (Kundalini) which’s hide in our body, and so may unearth some paranormal abilities, which is also called siddhi. Such as, it is also said in many sources about yoga that Siddhasana meditaion position can help one to acquire many supernal powers, and according to Hindu yogis, the basics abilities, which can be gained with spiritual improvements; Clairvoyance, telepathy, mind-reading, Levitation, Materialization, deMaterialization , kriyashakti, superhuman strength, knowing the moment of death. Also as more detaily;

  • knowing the past, present and future,
  • tolerance of heat, cold and other dualities,
  • knowing the minds of others and so on,
  • checking the influence of fire, sun, water, poison, and so on,
  • remaining unconquered by others,
  • Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily disturbances,
  • Hearing and Seeing things far away,
  • reducing or expanding one’s body extemly,
  • becoming infinitely heavy or almost weightless,
  • having unrestricted access to all places,
  • Moving the body wherever thought goes (teleportation/astral projection),
  • Assuming any form desired,
  • Entering the bodies of others,
  • Dying when one desires,
  • freedom from any kind of pain,
  • knowledge gained regardless of one’s own needs while attending to the requirements of those engaged in the search of the highest truthe,
  • remaining unconquered by others,

… etc… all these kind of abilites (siddhi) are said to be improved with special training and meditation. As a result, because cultures are always sympathized and impressed by others throughout history, Sonuçta kültürler tarih boyunca etkileştiği için, one way or another, Wuxia stories might be inspired by those siddhi powers, while it’s evolutaing. Most of abilites in above can be seen in many wuxia movies (either retro, new-wave or post-classic period), and such as “becoming infinitely heavy or almost weightless” s very look like  Qinggong concept in chinese culture.

So after these introdunction, we may go in the superpower concept in Wuxia litratture (and so cinemas). I remind again, these powers don’t come incidentally by chance, or descended as in western or american comics. Exculding a few exeptions, these powers’re either learned by one-self with proper meditation or by a master, who’s specialise. Yet rarely, master may transfer his/her power and wise to his/her student by telepathicly. But even a person could learn these “powers”, to use them efficiently may depende on this student’s perseverance and discipline. And once person learns how to improve and use efficient these powers, then he/she may gain “X-Men” like or DragonBall like powers; it is up to your imagination and your hardworking o_O.  But of course, its style is very different than the example from western ot american versions.

Such as, “flying” concept in wuxia stories is not exactly as same as “flying” superman does; it is like floating like a glider. This ability acutally is an exaggerated or idealised version of Qinggong, which’s supposed that if one can reach to top level of it, he/she may tune his /her body density. So person may be able to be in same density with air and can travel from somewhere to somewhere like a bird, or may stand on the so thin tree’s branches without breaking them … etc. To imagine it more easily, think about the diving in sea or pool (scuba or just free diving). While in the water, so environment is water, our body (and also other living like fish … etc) can “hang” on the water like flying. This is because human body’s density (1.01 g/cm³) is very close to water density (1 g/cm³). But if we bind some weight to our body, then this cause to increase the density and sink to bottom. In same logic, if our body density could be same density with air, we might flight and float like balloon. This is just  a hypothesis, of course, but at least it is not contradict with the laws of physics. In fact, all super powers mentioned above can be explained and hypothesised with variety physics laws even quantum physics, logically or ideally. But of course, everything explined in theory can not be also applied in reality, unfortunately. :P

Or as another example; “controlling the influence of matter (body, elements …. etc)” is another quite cool type of abilities, which has a wide range of usage area. This ability may be improved as an absolute domination to self-body, and such as one can reduce, eleminate or delay the effect of posion …etc. Or sometimes, improving all sence of the body, one can gained super-sences. Or alternatively, one can control and influence the other matters than body; may move the things, like telekinesis, even can create an exploxion (such as akira). Also sometimes in wuxia stories, swords (or any other weapon) may be used as wizard wand and makes some “magic”, or one can make magic and fight with bare hand (such as Avatar, last air bender).

Of course, these examples just a small part of ice-berg, and actually there are so many super power types in many variety and style, which change to story to story. And in fact, this feature is not only be specific to Wuxia, but also it is the main characteristic of diversity in far-east.

* for more personal articles about wuxia; renklisheyler/wuxia/my-review



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