A. – Ti Lung

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Ti Lung or Di Long, is a Hong Kong actor and one of the most popular action stars in Shaw Brothers . Born in Guangdong, Ti Lung was educated at Eton School in Hong Kong. He was a student of Chu Wan–a well-known Wing Chun teacher. Chu Wan, when talking about his movie star student Ti Lung, says, “He is a very good student of the martial arts. He has the advantages of a strong body, intelligence, good footwork and he also practices diligently.” Although lately seldom able to attend the school, Ti Lung always strives to improve his martial arts skill and Chu Wan has already given him his certification.

In 1969, Ti was found by the Shaw Brothers and cast in Return of the One-Armed Swordsman. Although his role was too short, he was eye-catching with his good looking. This movie launched his career as one of the best known faces in classic Wuxia films.

In the begining of his career, he associated with David Chiang and played together over 20 films directed by Chang Cheh. When they played together, David Chiang generally played the small guy who is smart and master in martial arts, while Ti Lung generally played his big handsome friend who use martial art skills and muscle power rather than his brain. But there are also some movies which they are rivals, such as; Pirate (1973), The Blood Brothers (1973). Esspecially, their master piece  was Blood Brohers (1973), which was done its remake recently; WarLords, staring with Andy Lau and Jet Li. Ti Lung received the Golden Horse Award for his performance in the film. In addition, he also shined as one star in some film, such as”King Eagle” and “Delightful Forest“, and showed his charm as a WuXia actor in very early.

After the 1976, he left (!!!) from David Chiang and Chang Cheh, and continued his career with different directors and actors. Particularly, he worked with director Chor Yuen in many film. He was mostly in Gu Long Adaptations and bring to life lots of fictional protagonists from Gu Long novels, such as; Fu Hung Hsueh, Li Xunhuan, Chu Liu Hsiang… etc. He was also a common face associated with Derek Yee, Alexander Fu Sheng, Ku Feng, Yueh Hua, Lo Lieh, the Venom Mob, and other Shaw Bros. stars at the time, often cast as a dashing, noble hero as well as a capable martial artist.

Ti lung specialized well in playing heroic characters that are vigorous and righteous, which earned himself the title “Classic and Standart Hero”. He is also counted and known as one of the three dragons of Hong Kong martial arts movies by his fans. These are Bruce Lee Siu-Lung or Bruce Lee, Ti Lung and Jackie Chan Yuen-Lung or Jackie Chan, * Lung means dragon in Chinese.

Following the closure of the Studio film units, Lung’s award-winning skill was still in great demand, and his career continued nearly uninterrupted, highlighted by exceptional performances in John Woo’s “A Better Tomorrow (1986)” (for which he won a Hong Kong Film Award as Best Actor). Then his image changed from the handsome martial youth to hero gangster. In this mature age, he played in many funny and dramatic movies with his new image, such as; True Clours, People’s Hero, Run Don’t Walk, Killer’s Blues and Legend of Wisely. After the Warrior’s Tragedy (1993), which is the last Wuxia film he had protagonist role, then he continued his career in supporting and sides roles. In last, he appeared in Warrior’s Way (2011). Ti Lung is truly an iconic character in the history of Wu-Xia and Kung Fu films.

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