Submachine Legend


In all the games you play as an unidentified character who awakes, seemingly after having some sort of amnesia, in new locations of the “Submachine” and have to solve different puzzles and examine the environment in order to escape. Although the first game (Basement) seems a little bit primitive, the atmosphere of the following games are gradually improved, and getting gain a charming and absorbing novelty. Not simple “escape room games”, they are more bizarre, enigmatic and sentimental ! 


  • submachine 1 – BasementKrishna
  • submachine 2 – The Lighthouse
  • submachine 3 – The Loop
  • submachine 4 – The Lab
  • submachine 5 -The Root
  • submachine 6 – The Edge
  • submachine 7 – The Core
  • submachine 8 – The Plan
  • Submachine 9: the Temple
    • submachine 0 – Ancient Adventure
    • submachine Future Loop Foundation
    • submachine 32 chambers
    • submachine network exploration experience
    • Sketch of Submachine 2
    • ISubmachine (for only IPhone)

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