Magic Blade

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Fu Hung Hsueh is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel series, Xiaoli Feidao Series, (Biancheng Langzi [Bordertown Wanderer, Pursuit of Vengeance or Warrior’s Tragedy] and Tianya Mingyue Dao [Magic Blade]) by Gu Long. His characteristic weapon is a twisty saber which has also some special secret feature, he uses it very well and fights amazing. Furthermore he is very well-informed about the world of martial art, and is always aware, tough and secretive to his enviroment, especially to enemies, but also he can show his softer side in emotional moments.

According to the movie (Magic Blade), he left home, whose garden exploded with yellow flowers, and his lover to pursuit of fame and wealth. After hard practice, he challenged many fameous swordsmen and eventually became popular. But when he returned to his home town, his lover had gone away and had got married. All he had his youth memories, and he figured out that “The more popular, the more lonely you are, at the top of career you’ve no friends”….

Because of this, his philosophy of life is much more different than an ordinary swordsman. His left to pursuit of fame and wealth. He seeks peace, but also saves his reputation. He’s always righteous and fair, even to his enemies, such as; he never kill an unarmed man or women. If he/she use his bare hand as a weapon, then he cut his arm and left him unarmed.

In the novel, Fu Hung Hsueh (or Hong xue) is from the Demon Sect (魔教) and is Ye Kai’s best friend. He suffers from epilepsy and has a disabled right leg. He appears cold and unfeeling but is still nonetheless a powerful exponent in using his saber. He is emotionally disturbed by the loss of his love interest Cuinong in an earlier novel.

2 well-known Fu Hung Hsueh movies were filmmed with staring Ti Lung as Fu Hung Hsueh, and dircected by Chor Yuen, these are The Magic Blade (1976) and Pursuit of Vengeance (1977). In addition, remake of Pursuit of Vengeance (1977), A Warrior’s Tragedy (1993) is presented with staring Ti Lung as Fu Hung Suet (~Fu Hung Hsueh), and dircected by Frankie Chan Fan-Kei.


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