One Armed Swordsman

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One-Armed Swordsman Legend blasted in 1967 Hong Kong, wuxia film produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio. Directed by Chang Cheh, it was the first of the new style of wuxia films emphasizing male anti-heroes, violent swordplay and heavy bloodletting. It was the first Hong Kong film to make HK$1 million at the local box office, propelling its star Jimmy Wang to super stardom. [Source]

After its succsess, a lot of sequel and kindred movies were produced, all are;

Now here, I want to present my favorite one armed swordsman (not boxers) movies.         (I may touch one armed boxers series later);

One Armed Swordsman (1967), which was the first part of one armed legend, tell us the story how Fang Kang (Wang Yu) become an one armed and then become master martial artist. After, Fang Kang lose his arm because of such a trivial case, he leaves the martial art world, and try to live quite life. But later, some following events makes him more responsive, and using a lost kung fu manual, which teaches him how to fight with only one armed, he makes a spectacular return…. This is the original One Armed Swordsman film, directed by Chang Cheh, and makes Wang Yu a World wide Star….

After success of the First film, Chang Cheh and Wang Yu makes another great movie, as sequal of the first one; Return of One Armed Swordsman (1969); In this movie, Fang Kang (Wang Yu) again leaves the martial art world and try to live a simple and peaceful life with his lovely wife. But he’s called to attend some wordly clan affair, and the events develop … Also this movie is the first movie of my favorite actor, Ti Lung, who appears in very short role. And moreover, my another favorite actor David Chiang jumped to Action Star, discovering by Chang Cheh after that movie … ^_^

After Chang Cheh discovered David Chiang and Ti Lung and made them Star, he made another one armed swordsman movie staring with them; The New One-Armed Swordsman (1971). In this movie, master but too proud swordsman Lei Li (David Chiang) is defeated by another master swordsman (Ku Feng). But Lei Li can’t stand this lost and cut his own arm, and leaves the martial art world. Later then, his lover (Li Ching) and his friend heroic swordsman Feng Junjie (Ti Lung) try to raise his motivation, but his real return would be much more dramatic and extraordinary than it is expected.

After about 5 years later, another one armed swordsman movie is appeared, both staring and directed by Wang Yu and David ChiangOne Armed SwordsmEn (1976). The first one armed swordsman Fong Ping (Fang Kang – Wang Yu) and new one armed swordsman Li Hao-Lei (David Chiang) join their forces and try to solve very complicated crime case, which is plotted by over cunning Brother Dragon. Additionally Lo Lieh gives very nice color to this fabulous cast. Frankly, this is the most fun movie amongst of all one armed movies, for me. Because I really like the blend of Wuxia and detective genres, besides there are both Wang Yu and David Chiang together. I hope you can find these movies from somewhere.


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