A. – Wang Yu

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Wang Yu was born in 1944 in Jiangsu, China. He’s mostly known as Jimmy in overseas. He attended school in Shanghai, where he excelled in swimming. He went to Hong Kong in 1960, where he continued to excel in swimming, horse riding, and car racing, which paved the way for his future in wuxia movies. In 1962-63 and 64 years, the young Hong Kong swimming champion Wang Yu’s fate had changed because of the aggressive nature. Banned to participate in competitions and found himself in the world of cinema. With his nature, it would be unavoidable to become an action star.

He tested into the Shaw Brothers studio in 1963. With Chang Cheh’s “Tiger Boy” in 1966, he made a name for himself in the industry. But his fame had real blast with “One Armed Swordsman” directed by Chang Cheh. He polished his fame and played many action and Wuxia movies, mostly directed by Chang Cheh, under Shaw brothers until 1970. Then he left from Shaw Brothers, and had more independent way. In between 1970-1977, he played and sometimes directed lots of action movies which are counted as classic and cult by fans of this Genre. Especially, his swordsman characterization, who is highly honorable and talented in martial art, also challenge in self-confident with vigorous look , gave remarkable and colourful additions to Wuxia genre.

A hard working, intelligent person, Wang Yu quickly became one of the hottest male actors in the Chinese world. He’s loved by the Hong Kong people and was a legend around the world, but he never learned the Kung Fu seriously. Maybe because of this, his star could only shined for only about 10 years. Then more talented new generation film stars, who knew Kung fu, but also looked very charming; Such as Bruce Lee, Ti Lung, David Chiang, take his place.

Nevertheless, he had an owner of great humility and also inspired Bruce Lee. He even wanted to play in the second degree role in a Bruce Lee movie to show his humility (probably directed by Lo Wei), but their ways couldn’t come across in a movie, because of Bruce Lee’s unexpected death. One of the most important features of Wang Yu is his “back elbow” attack technique. He had developed this technique against to Bruce Lee’s Nunchaku (chain stick) technique. Although he couldn’t play with Bruce Lee, he could play and direct quite funny film called “One Armed Swordsmen” with a new generation film star; David Chiang. Wang Yu’s star could only shine until about 1977, then his film career took some brake, but he appeared second degree or supporting roles in some movies. In last, he appeared in WuXia (2011) with Donnie Yen.

The legend say that his privete life was more loaded and colorful than his film career. But I don’t want to make gossip now. If you wish, you may search yourserf. I’d rather remember only his films ^_^

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