Venom Mob

5 Deadly Venoms

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The Venom Mob is a group of actors from the Shaw Brothers Studio, popular creators of martial arts films in the 1970s and 1980s. Most were friends since childhood and attended the Peking Opera School in Taiwan before meeting director Chang Cheh and moving on to the Shaw Brothers studio in Hong Kong.

They appeared in numerous Shaw films at younger ages but did not become a group in high demand until Five Deadly Venoms. They were the main choreographers in all of their films, highly skilled Chinese weapon experts, excellent actors (for a martial arts film), and excellent acrobats. Most famous of them being Kuo Chui who always played the hero in their films.

As with most groups, time saw their talents being pulled in different directions, not to mention in-fighting for starring roles and production credits.


In here, I just introduce primary Venoms. Click to know rest of  staff; 2nd Tier Venoms. Also please click their picture for their detailed Filmography.

 Λ V Λ V Λ

  • Kuo Chui; or Philip kwok, born 1951, Taiwan.
  • Role; Hero and Protagonist with strong common sense.
  • Expertise; Northern Style kung fu: a combination of kicks, acrobatics, and weapon skills.
  • Poison; Lizard !
  • Weapons of choice; Pole !
  • Drink of choice; Wine !
  • After Mob; He is the luckiest one who could find continual work; He is known one of the top leading action directors (next to Corey Yeun and Jackie Chan ) in the world.
  • For more info; daband2000/kwok_choi-bioInterview with Kuo Chui

  • Lu Feng; born 1956, Taiwan.
  • Role; Villain, anti Protagonist.
  • Expertise; Outstanding weaponry skills, he was a martial arts genuis when it came to weapon work.
  • Poison; Centipede !
  • Weapons of choice; Spear !
  • Drink of choice; Tea !
  • After Mob; It became hard to find continual work and star in movies for him in Taiwan. He is now an active action director for the TVB Studios in Hong Kong.
  • For more info; daband2000/lu_feng-biofacebook.Lu-Feng.

  • Chiang Shengborn 1951, Taiwan.
  • His role; Mostly supporting hero with comic relief, and also some appreance as serious and/or bad guy.
  • Expertise; “Light skills” martial arts expert who specialized in acrobatics along with a various number of weapons.
  • Poison; All but less !
  • Weapons of choice; Double Swords or Double Axes.
  • Drink of choice; Wine !
  • After Mob; He is the un-luckiest one who had the most tragic end in venoms; he remained in Taiwan – per the request of his wife. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find work in Taiwan at the time. He became very depressed. And after the divorce, he began drinking heavily. He died in 1991 of a heart attack. But Kuo Chui once said “it was more of a broken heart”.
  • For more infodaband2000/chiang_sheng-bio,  alliancemartialarts/ChiangSheng, asianmoviepulse; Chiang Sheng Super talented star.

  • Sun Chienborn 1955, Korea or Taiwan ???
  • Role; Calm attitude,  presence and hard predictable roles in both hero and the villain; most fans find it hard to determine if he is good or evil until the end of the movie. Also he is the most independent member in the group, who also worked in many movies out from the mob. (Such as tag/sun-chien, Last 5)
  • Expertise; Superb kicking skills.
  • Poison; Scorpion
  • Weapons of choice; Legs
  • Drink of choice; Tea !
  • After Mob; He had worked until 1991 as action actor, then he’s retired (?).
  • For more info; daband2000/sun_chien-biofacebook/Sun-Chien

  • Lo Mangborn 1956, Hong Kong
  • Role; Slow tihnking, very kind but aggressively stong hero,  but usually also the first to get killed.
  • Expertise; Unarmed hand to hand combat, body building !
  • Poison; Toad
  • Weapons of choice; Arms, hands …
  • Drink of choice; Wine !
  • After Mob; Occasional appearances on TV.
  • For more infodaband2000/lo_meng-bioInterview with Lo Meng

Here now, their all movie list, with how many they appeared ….

Kuo Chui (♦), Lu Feng (), Chiang Sheng (◊), Sun Chien (), Lo Mang ()

Source; wiki/Venom_Mobdaband2000/venoms-bioschangcheh.0catch …


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