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For centuries, a lot of mathematicians have tried to solve and develop some restricted solutions about many-body problem in celestial mechanics, but the general analytical closed solution could not be obtained. Only 2-body problem could be solved and obtained an elegant analytical solution as Keplerian form that one body is centred as origin. For 3-body problem, there are some stationary and restricted applications, such as triangular and collinear stationary solution or Circular Restricted 3-Body Problem (CR3BP). Among of them, only CR3BP can present the most comprehensive application for our solar system. CR3BP is defined as a massless partical (body with ignored mass) make its motion effect of gravitational forces of two massive bodies, which are making circular Keplerian Motion together about their mutual centre of mass; and because Majority of binary system, such as Sun-Planet or Planet-Moon, make such this circular motion together and so this model can quate fit with them. That’s why Most of researchers, who study about multi-body problem, use this model, and I am using this model, too, in my research and thesis, which is about orbits analysis and capture mapping in multi-body. ^_^

For more professional detail about CR3BP;


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