An Open Letter to Closed Minds

Very interesting article about scientific dogmatism. For rest of the …

…. That scathing commentator on errant human behavior, John Ralston Saul, has compared the scientific community to the medieval church. Some of the signatories to the open letter would agree with him. We humans, at least the males it seems, have a penchant for setting up organizations – political, religious, and scientific – that with time become authoritarian, exclusive and dogmatic. Despite this we are led to believe that scientists are somehow trained to be above such human failings. The deception only succeeds because there is no effective investigative reporting of science. …..


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One thought on “An Open Letter to Closed Minds

  1. Whatever you may think about science it has produced technology. Has technology improved the human lot? On the whole the answer is no. It has produced a huge increase in population which has led to climate change aided and abetted by the scientific invention of the internal combustion engine. It has led to long levity which means more medical care more drugs and more heartache. It has led to a world group of conceited men who think of nothing but scientific advance although to be fair some protesting voices are appearing.

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