♩♬♩♪ • Epic Mix Vol. 2 by Versus


00:00 Position Music – Garador’s Flight
00:41 Epic Score – They Hit Without Warning
02:23 Phantom Power Music – Last Man Standing
05:54 Critical Mass – You’re Already Dead (David Reynolds – Epic Action Hybrid Rock)
07:50 Sencit Music – The Contest Begins (Tenth Dimension Vol.3 – Dark Epic Action)
10:10 Position Music (Danny Cocke)- Sinister Intent (2012 Epic Action War Electronic Vengeance Massive)
11:36 Position Music (Danny Cocke)- Extra Dimensional (2012 Epic Action War Electronic Hybrid Rock Style)
13:16 Brand X Music – Singularity (2012 Epic Action Vengeance Dark Orchestral Style)
15:35 Attila Ats – Apologize From The Sentinel (Dark Mysterious Electronic Hybrid)
18:35 Ivan Torrent – Human Legacy (EPIC MUSIC) (Full Version)
22:16 Two Steps From Hell – Strength of a Thousand Men
24:20 Position Music – Stand And Become Legendary (Jack Trammell – Massive Electronic Hybrid)
25:52 Phantom Power Music – Double Agent (Epic Action Electronic Drama)
29:02 Twin Scoring Studio – Iron Legion (Epic Dark Choral Hybrid)
31:33 G Empire Music – Fight For Glory (Epic Electronic Choral Action)
33:51 Ninja Tracks – Destroyer Of Worlds (Revolution Zero – Hybrid Intense Choral Action)
36:07 DeVso Music – Rise (Devesh Sodha – Epic Dark Hybrid)
37:44 Dirk Ehlert – Revenge (Epic Dark Choral Hybrid)
39:34 Fired Earth Music – Man Of Steel Remix (Epic Dramatic Dubstep)
42:13 Mark Petrie – Dark Heart (Dark Hybrid Action)
44:03 Martijn De Bont – Destroyers Of The Universe (Epic Massive Choral Hybrid)
45:36 Montage Mx – Virtus (Mark Petrie – Epic Orchestral Hybrid)
47:50 Non-Stop Music – Torn (Nick Murray – Orchestral Hybrid Action)
49:11 Position Music- Behemoth (Epic Action Dramatic Electronic Intense Style)
50:38 Mervin Mathew – Take Your Stand Against (Epic Dramatic Eletronic Dubstep)
52:30 Future World Music- Rise Of The Machines (2012 Epic Action Dark Orchestral Female Vocals Style)(mp3)
54:08 8 Dawn Music – Indestructible (Vivien Chebbah – Epic Action Hybrid)
55:41 Mark Petrie – Puma Punku (Montage Mx – Epic Modern Hybrid Action)
58:01 Sonic Symphony- Dark Force Rising (2012 Epic Dark Orchestral Vengeance Rock Hybrid Style)
59:58 Q-Factory Music- Monstronix (2012 Epic Massive Action Electronic War Sci-Fi Vengeance)
01:01:36 Les Friction – World On Fire


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