Channels Instructions

I’d like to give some instructions for ones, who are not so familier to youtube interface and also clarify my channels topics ….

Only a few movies in my channels are in Dubbing in other language, and the rest is in Original dubbing. I have now 2 channels (Aumurg and Smpisces) with slightly different thema, and both have same rules until they are terminated.

Subtitles; Because almost every movie in my channel have more than one subtitles, so I attached these subtitles separately, for easy watch. You can activate subtitles by clicking CC on video bar, then chose language you wish. Also you can translate the caption subtitles to any language. Click “Subtitles button” in video bar (it’s appread as “CC” in chrome, but it may be seen diffrently in different browsers), then click the “translate caption”, and last, chose which language you want to translate… If CC is not work, please upgrade your browser, or check your youtube settings.

NOTE; I always try to get best and “serious” dubbing option, otherwise movies can be seen as frivolous with crappy dubbing. Some people may prefer thoso crappy dubbing for their “nominal” fun, but others (rest of the world !!) want to take pleasure from original (or serious) dubing and purity (or naivety) of these movies. I am from second group, and I don’t care majorities’ so-called fun (and others who can’t read or use subtitles). I personally take the movies seriously, and always prefer better dubbings. Generally Original (Mandarin or Cantonese in this genre) language dubbings are the best ones, but rarely other language (such as English, German or Turkish.. etc) can be also good; So I can also upload these version, if I can’t find original version. If you are from other group, then just buy their DVD for your convenience.

Channel Updates; I only upload the movies which are in Wuxia genre or have Wuxia taste (such as heroic stuff and sub-text, and well plot preferably with nice twist …etc).

Moreover, in principle, I mostly give priority to retro, rare, underrated and/ or forgotten Chinese action/wuxia/martial-arts movies. And I don’t upload the movies which are younger than 10 years, because these new chinese action movies are already well-known enough, and can be found and watched anywhere. But after these movies are getting older, and  become retro and/or forgotten somehow after years, then I may upload them. If you have some movie requests, you must know about Wuxia genre and also guess my movie taste as well ^_^. Also if I find better resolution of any movie I’ve upload on my channel previously, so I remove the old one and upload with better resolution again. So don’t suprise if you see same movie upload again.

In the case of channel termination; If this channel is closed somehow (because of copyright infringement …), you may watch the movies from other video sharing sites (maybe without subtitled). Just google their English or Chinese titles.

Like/Dislike; In our taditions, if someone offers (gives) something free, another one politely receive and say thanks, even he don’t like it; or just say his comment as kind as possible. This is just good manners, kindness. So I just share my collection “free”, and this is your choice to be polite or not polite, and like or dislike. Also, If you have original comments or inspiration about them, please leave in comments. But please be respectful. If you don’t like the movie or even hate it somehow, don’t insult irrelevant people, please. Because subjective comment only influence its owner.

Have Fun !!!


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