♩♬♩♪ • OC Mixtape #20: Bright Future

Bright Future

“It’s hard to tell if Frank Midnite realizes how prophetic it was to name his band BRIGHT FUTURE. A dark wizard of bass and beats, this young producer makes tracks that have soul you can’t fake. It’s a rare quality, and it’s the last shred of optimism for underdog musicians. But Frank won’t stay under the radar for long; THE NEW YORK TIMES has already recognized his potential, and Frank’s future keeps looking brighter. He kindly made us this mix to get our summer going, so turn it up and check out my interview.”–John Tuite

[More at www.openingceremony.us/entry.asp?pid=5773&utm_source=soundcloud&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sc_060112]

1. Theme from Juice
2. PeterParkerMaryJane – Some Parts To You Are Broken
3. CFCF – You Hear Colors
4. Holy Other- Yr Love
5. Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing (Extended Mix)
6. Small Black- Photojournalist
7. No More- Mushy (Soft Metals Remix)
8. Chromatics – Lady
9. Fad Gadget- Coitus Interuptus
10.Hubert Kah- The Picture
11. Golden Filter- Stardust
12. The Rapture- The Killing
13. Plastikman- Plasticine
14. New Order- Your Silent Face
15. CFTPA- White Corolla
16. Bright Future- The Optimist
17. Stargard- Truelove
18. The Hundred Days – SEX U (Bright Future Remix)
19. Ravens And Chimes – Division St. (Bright Future Remix)


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