♩♬♩♪ • The Patchwork – Mamihlapinatapai


“We here, in the broken nation, are tired and bruised. We’ve been left here alone with nothing. We’ve been abandoned. We’re like vomit in the street outside of a seedy bar. We’ve been relegated to the bottom of the barrel, and all our senses of understanding and love seem gone forever. In order to survive here we have to become like animals and we have to forego all sense of civility and understanding. How is it possible that a nun can fly? How is it possible that she falls out of a plane and lands unscathed? But who are we? Who are we to scoff at such things? Who are we to doubt such miracles? Alas, we are but tramps in the gutter here in the broken nation. But a little faith can take us a long, long way.”

1. Werner Herzog intro
2. Dolphins Into The Future – Observations Through The Halocline Of The Worlds 9
3. Explosions In The Sky – Day Three
4. The Advisory Circle – The Old Schoolhouse
5. Cinema – They nicknamed me evil
6. Mum – Now There is that fear again
7. Fur – Sleep
8. Foals – Fugue
9. Ian Hawgood – A Film By Danny Norbury
10. Inge Beckmann – Epitaph
11. Sakimoto Hitoshi – Yasugari
12. Jess Franco – Sex and Mystic of M. Sade (edit)
13. Ken Nordine – Fliberty Jib
14. Lou Reed – The Gun
15. Rosy Parlane – Atlantis
16. Les Baxter – Fruits Of Dreams
17. Unkle – Nowhere
18. Sebadoh – Burned
19. Gas – Zauberberg 01


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