♩♬♩♪ • GOZELRADYO – 13.07.2008

Serhat Köksals founded in 1986 in Istanbul multimedia project 2/5 BZ finds expression in various media forms.

In addition to international audiovisual performances shown as “NO Touristic NO Exotic” has an almost incalculable Serhat Köksal output to tapes, CDs, video collages, performances, stickers, and copy-zines produced. Serhat Köksal aka 2/5 BZ illuminated in his “NO Pipeline NO Exotic” on just how critical humorous manner common cultural stereotypes of East and West and their impact on the economic and political situation of the people, and individual sensitivities. He uses collage and cut-up techniques, found footage, location shots and samples. The project focuses on concepts such as “Cultural Pipeline” and “Energy Dialogue” and presented it on sound art and “Planet Core” visuals.

it has focused on new measures of securitization, the undisputable acceptance of volunteering, and it currently works on “New Age Helal (;legitimate) Golden Vampirism.

Links; gozelradio.blogspot.com, www.youtube.com/user/berbatzoksal


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